Email Settings

Select “Email” to connect your IMAP/SMTP email account. There are several Email settings which can be ON/OFF including the following:

  • Auto Signature – Automatically Add the default signature on outgoing emails.
  • Email Notifications for Start Workflow – Receive an email notification when workflows are started on Contacts, Properties or Transactions from the server.
  • Email Notification for Incoming Email – Receive an email notification in your personal account when receiving emails in your Realvolve account.
  • Auto Send Message – This is the MASTER SWITCH which allows outbound emails and SMS text messages to be sent automatically/immediately from workflow actions. Your messages WILL NOT BE SENT automatically if this setting is OFF.
  • Daily Email Reminders – Receive daily email notification with Appointments, Todo’s as well as reminders on import dates on Properties & Transactions.
  • Sending Messages – Automatically BCC personal email account when sending emails through your Realvolve email account. This allows a copy of Realvolve emails to be stored in your personal email account.