Another method of searching is to use a filter which hides information from your view that doesn’t meet specific criteria.  The information is still in your database, it hasn’t been deleted, you just don’t see it in the list. Filtering is used in several places in Realvolve including the 3 core databases, Notes & Correspondence, as well as workflows and templates.   Remember that when you turn on a filter, it WILL STAY ON until you manually remove it.

    • Under the contacts section, click on the Filters (down arrow) and choose “Create New Filter”  This will display several categories for filters like Tags, Record Owner, Source Type, Relationship score and many others. Select one or more categories and choose the options in that category to limit your view.   
      • Realvolve shows the number of records that match the filter criteria, you can see the list by clicking on the double chevrons
      • Frequently used filters can be saved by giving it a name located at the bottom of the screen and clicking apply
      • Once it is saved, the filter can be selected anytime from the drop down menu. And deleted by clicking the x next to the filter name.
    • Under Properties and transactions sections you will find filter buttons to specify the criteria.  Most users will want to assign filters for Active/Pending records so that closed, withdrawn and cancelled properties and transactions don’t clutter your view.
      • When filters are on the buttons will be colored blue.
    • To the right of the Notes & Correspondence section there are seven filter buttons to filter on Notes, Emails, SMS Texts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Calls.   
      • When filters are ON the icons will change from Gray to Black.
      • Multiple filters can be turned on at once.
    • In Workflows section the filters are located under the search field and allow you to filter on the 3 different database types, contact, property and transaction.
    • The Template filters are similar to the workflow filters however, we have included the ability to also filter on the type of template which includes, Emails, SMS Text, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn templates.