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SETTINGS: AUTOMATION (only available to account owner/admins)

  • Built into Realvolve is a series of automation processes that will help you organize your data.  We recommend that you turn BOTH options on but you do have the ability to not use them if they conflict with how you want to use some features.
    • Turn ON – Category Automation – This setting will automatically change a contacts category to a ‘B’ if they give a referral or an ‘A’ if they give multiple referrals.   This is useful if you use the A|B|C|D categories on a contact in the following way:
      • A: Anyone that is a raving fan – they have given multiple referrals to you and love your service.
      • B: Anyone that is a past customer or fan and has given at least one referral.
      • C: Anyone that you want to do business but have not yet
      • D: Anyone that you have in your database (maybe a past client) that you prefer not doing business with them again and would rather refer that business to someone else because they are draining or hard to work with.
    • Turn ON – Field Automation – See the following link for details of how the automation will work: