Settings > Integrations


  • Zapier API Key – This is where you can find your Zapier API Key – you will need it for connecting to Realvolve to bring in your leads from other sources. KEEP THIS API KEY PRIVATE
  • BombBomb Sync – Connect your BombBomb account here if you are a BombBomb user.
  • IDX Broker API Key – Enter your API Key to connect to their services to download featured properties.
    • Turn ONAuto Fetch Properties from IDX – to have Realvolve automatically retrieve IDXBroker featured properties each morning.
  • Utility API Key – This is where you find the API Key for connecting to the Google Add-on for reporting as well as other services that connect externally to your Realvolve account. KEEP THIS API KEY PRIVATE
  • Dotloop Account – Connect your Dotloop account here if you are a Dotloop user.   Once connected, you can share Property and Transaction information between Realvolve and Dotloop.
  • Referral Url – This is your personal link to send to co-workers to recommend using Realvolve.   Using this link will allow us to track who you refer and give bonuses for helping spread the Realvolve Way to others.